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The IMAGINATION project focuses on migration from Central and Eastern-European (CEE) countries. This project raises the question what the consequences are of this type of mobility for urban cohesion and urban policies. This involves:

  1. an identification of types of migration from CEE countries
  2. an analysis of social implications of these types of migration for the receiving urban regions and
  3. an analysis of governance approaches by local governments in the receiving urban regions to these social implications.

The project focuses on urban regions in Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey and includes the perspective of the CEE countries themselves as well.

The project is coordinated by the Erasmus University Rotterdam and in cooperation with the University of Goteborg, the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna and Koc University Istanbul.

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On December 10-11th the IMAGINATION team will have a two day conference in Gothenburg. First to discuss the findings of the governance implications of CEE migration on all cases and second to receive feedback of external scholars on these contributions. 


The Austrian IMAGINATION-team held a fruitful second meeting with key stakeholders. This meeting concerned the governance of CEE migrants in Austrian urban regions.

Thanks to all participants for sharing their interesting insights and knowledge!

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